Friday, 30 December 2011

life brief candle ?

im counting the days . yeah . going back to school already . SPM ! SPM ! wootwoot . haha . i found this on facebook .

Motivasi untuk diri sendiri sebelum tahun baru, - " Kehidupan tak ada remote controller, sila 

bangun dan ubah diri sendiri. " ;) 

so . if we want to make a big change in our life . we are the one who choose the right way or the bad way . just look between a success man and a loser . look at their attitudes . they were the one choose theIr way to be a success man or a LOSER . thats mean if  i want to get 11A's in my SPM . im the one had to push my self to get rid all the negative things in my life .
honestly , deep in my hard core . i really miss kisas . although sometimes im fed up with the tazkirah n blablabla . haha . BUT . when im at home i miss the tazkirah . i miss musolla . i miss kak ita n mama yelling shouting babbling n much more*erk?tersesat mana mkcik dm dlm ni ? hahah .

n what i miss the most is E31 . next year E25 . aaaaaahhhh ~ rindu nk wt bising smpai akk f6 tego . hehe .

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