Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ini barulah saya yang sebenar !

alhamdulillah dah empat hari aku bercuti kat rumah . dengan harapan dapat belajar . and guess what ? for the first time aku belajar time cuti . selama ni aku mainmain . padanlah kalo exam dapat result mcm -..- . lagipun . . . aku semakin malu ngan seseorang . dia asyik dapat high marks. pastuh jadi top scorer . ahhh jealous and envy strikes to me when seeing that person got scored in all exams . and just now aku tuisyen fizik dengan budak STJ (sekolah tunku jaafar) sbp same as kisas . whewwww ~ aku rasa down and again rasa malu . haha . tak abes abes malu je keje kau kan cik yah . kenapa aku rasa malu ? kenapa ? because im not well prepared yet for SPM like that STJ's girl . bila cikgu tanya . aku hanya mampu angguk dan mengiyakan je *ye cikgu ye*. hakikatnya I've no idea what she's asking me . hehe . instead of that STJ's girl . she answered all the questions with full of confidence and ask many questions where else I'm just nodded and nodded my head . haha . bnde ntah aku ni . because of that , it boosts up my spirit to study more harder and harder . dear MOM  : I'll show you that I can and will be one of the best students in MALAYSIA . hoho . *well, thats to high I think* . at least among the best students in KISAS . i hope my dear . i hope .

the moral value is : eh ada jugak ke ? ada laaaaaaa . moral value or pengajaran or ibroh that we can take is dont be such a lazy person and thought that you are in a comfortable zone unless you are a genius like EINSTEIN . sheesh . he also study and do research for what he wanted to prove although his hair looks like a lazy hair . *eh wujud ke term "lazy hair"?* lantaklah . aku kesah apa . asalkan aku tulis dalam english sikitsikit . sikitsikit lamalama jadi bukit . okay . i knew there's no one who interested to read my DULL BLOG . so its better for me to get off from here. makin lama makin exaggerate pulak kang kat sini . bai and assalamualaikum .  :)

great song from irfan makki . i hope someone will give this song to me when i got 11A+ althought this song suitable for the bride and groom . hehe .


  1. Getting 11A+ is not impossible as I knewn that youre excell in studies :)

  2. kita merancang . ALLAH menentukan . ALLAH knows better than us . :)